Sara Bown Use it 2 lose it | Sandy Pelletier’s Story | Verdict came out that I had Advanced Lupus with chronic fibromyalgia, I was in total disbelief !

Sandy Pelletier’s Story | Verdict came out that I had Advanced Lupus with chronic fibromyalgia, I was in total disbelief !

Sandy sent this as a testimonial but I just HAD to share as a #BeBRAVE story because her journey is clearly filled with bravery, I am so very happy and proud of her and honored to have been part of this story !


My name is Sandy and this is my story.  Being chubby all my life was to me, part of my heritage since everybody on my mother’s side all looked like me. Life kept throwing me hints that I had to do something in order to feel better and be healthy. Heart problems, leg pain, cancer, lumbar hernia and even with all that happening,  I still didn’t catch on. Oh of course I had tried all the crash diets that existed in this world but I was only playing yo-yo with my weight, nothing stuck, I’d loose 5 pounds one week and gain 10 the next. In December of 2012, I got up one morning with a swollen knee and a bad fever, like most women in this world, I didn’t have time to go sit 5 hours in a emergency room and to be told at the end everything was normal. After a couple of days of not being able to walk properly and being in extreme pain, I decided to go. Verdict came out that I had Advanced Lupus with chronic fibromyalgia. I was in total disbeleif , being a LPN I knew what my future held. I sat on my butt feeling sorry for myself for 3 months and guess what that and the medication did,  yup made me gain more weight. Now in my head, I was doomed to die overweight and in pain until I met Sara Bown.

When I started my health coaching with Sara, the first thing she asked me was how do you see yourself in 10 years…what a terrible image I had of myself in 10 years down the road. I imagined myself being extremly overweight sitting on my couch and needing a walker to walk. I was  so horrified by that image that I decided I needed to do something about it and with Sara’s coaching, I did.  Now I’m not saying it was easy because at first it was hell. Like everybody who wants to loose weight, I was in a hurry,  I wanted to see the results before I even started. I started by dowloading my fitness pal who trough time became my best friend, then I started walking from my front porch to the end of my driveway which takes about 5 minutes both ways, and I made small goals to accomplish for myself not others. One thing Sara told me that kept coming into mind when I felt like giving up because the pain of walking was unberable was IF THIS WERE EASY EVERYBODY WOULD BE DOING IT and that little phrase nagged at me so much it kept me going.

Today I am very proud to say that I have lost 67 pounds, went from a size 14 down to a size 6 and I walk an hour every day without doing any crash diet and without saying no to the foods I love. The fact that I have an incurable illnesses. having to leave work , being told by doctors that I would not live to be old could have stopped me, but I didn’t let it. Yes, I did work hard and I lost alot of things I never imagined I would, like friends along the way but what I’ve gained, is worth alot more to me. I have gained confidence,  better health, less pain and the chance to be by my family’s side longer. Every extra day is the greatest gift  you can give yourself and your loved ones and the only way to go about doing this, is to take care of yourself by making healthy choices and never giving up on yourself.


Sandy Pelletier Montreuil

Ste-anne the madawaska NB, Canada


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