Can you see the changes I want you to see ?! | Sara Bown Certified LIFE wellness coach
Can you see the changes I want you to see ?! | Sara Bown Certified LIFE wellness coach

Can you see the changes I want you to see ?! | Sara Bown Certified LIFE wellness coach

Can you really see my changes ?! | Sara Bown Certified LIFE wellness coach


 I wanted to share a transformation picture that showed ” change ” from the inside out. You know, when a person works hard to change their life and they have an outside transformation along with an inside transformation it’s hard for anyone to see past the ” outside “
 In thinking this over, I decided to share my own picture because, when I look and share my own, I KNOW the inside transformation !! The first picture to the left, I was close to 300 lbs in all honesty which I’m willing to own now.  The picture to the right, was the day of my half marathon, October 2012. What do I really want you to see ?! What do I wish could motivate you beyond what you see ? On the left, I was fighting stress that seemed to lay on my shoulders 24/7 over everything under the moon which included health issues and embarrassment. I had a deep sadness in my heart that I wasn’t living the life I knew I should be, I wasn’t living the purpose God had intended for me, I wasn’t being the best version of me and therefor people, family and friends NEVER saw the best version of me, this tore me up inside.  I sometimes felt like I was “screaming ”   but no one could hear. On the right and today as I type, I feel self love, respect and stress is something that comes on very rare occasions and when it does, I know how to kick it to the curb pretty fast ( please know this is HUGE because I truly felt stress was killing me, I had even started to have chest pains with my stress before I changed my life. I am now living my life filled with passion and what I feel God always had planned for me since I felt I had a mission as a very young child. I am filled with emotions of love, gratitude and awe because stress no longer rules my world, I take what others say into consideration but they do not change what I know is best in my core value system, I now listen to my own voice, I trust it, knowing I always have everyone’s best intentions at heart. I may be wrong at times but at least I know ( I ) was wrong and it’s not because I followed someone else. Again, this is HUGE as the voices and opinions of others used to rule me beyond common sense. I GO TO BED FEELING PROUD and more importantly at peace.
peace  When I share a before / current picture, I want you to feel the words and emotions I am sharing, beyond what you can see because these emotions, how I feel inside is so much more important than how I look. These new thoughts and emotions allow me to love myself the way I am. It allowed me to have a baby 6 months ago ( now 12 ) and gain some weight but still feel solid and worthy. This solid foundation with emotions of self love, self worth, self respect are what allowed me to break the chains of addictive habits so I could be where I am now.
If you want to change your life, please don’t wait, you deserve this and NOW is our only promised moment. Even at first when results aren’t always seen, there is something to be said about going to bed at night, resting your head on your pillow and feeling pride knowing you did everything you wanted and needed to do to reach your goals. THAT is something EVERYONE can feel tonight !!

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 October 2014
October 2014


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Love to all
Sara Bown


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