If Wishes Were Fishes | Sara Bown certified LIFE wellness coach
If Wishes Were Fishes | Sara Bown certified LIFE wellness coach

If Wishes Were Fishes | Sara Bown certified LIFE wellness coach

 If Wishes Were Fishes | Sara Bown certified LIFE wellness coach


**** If Wishes Were Fishes ****


 First –  I only share things that have worked or are working for me because I HAVE been there, no matter where I go or end up in the future with my health successes, nothing will ever change where I was for most of my adult life and my fight with obesity along with the inner emotional struggles from that fight. When I share tips or motivation, it’s coming from a very loving place of having been there with the desire to help others live their own best life !

As mentioned, I was the queen of wishes for years, I remember crying on my pillow at night so many times wishing I was smaller – I remember going to bed and praying to wake up different, changed  ( Yes I did ) I wished that the process of having to start would just happen with no work or sacrifice on my end. At the time, it didn’t seem like that was what I was doing, at the time I was just screaming for ” hope and help “ I just wanted something to happen to show me I COULD do it.  I just wanted to enjoy the benefits of a result to get me going, to inspire me to start.  It took me a LONG time to realize that my wishes and prayers had been answered years before because God had ALWAYS given me ability to change and live my best life – I always had it in me to do what needed to be done and I was the one who made the choice not to do what was needed.

Every day that I woke up and said ” I’ll start tomorrow ” it was a choice and a choice I made for too many years. It wasn’t until I accepted responsibility for all my choices that I could fully change my life. In this discovery, I realized that every choice we make comes with a consequence, some good, some bad. Ultimately, we have the ability to make several choices a day and thus the ability to change the path and direction we are going in several times a day. Sometimes we feel so confined by life and our abilities but in reality, much of the time, it is us confining ourselves, only seeing what we feel we are not and what we don’t think we can do, paralyzed in fear !


 I’ll ask you something I asked myself  ” WHAT IF “ ??  I asked myself, what if I stopped crying on my pillow at night and made it happen – what if I decided living and not dying before 40 was more important than a bag of chips and soda several times a week – what if I could show my boys how to live a healthy life and not just tell them with empty unconvincing words – what if I decided I was worth the effort – what if I realized I was strong – what if I decided after years of not having a voice that I could become certified and work as a life wellness coach because I felt I had something to share in  helping others –  WHAT IF I COULD after years or saying ” you can’t ”

Let me tell you, YOU can, you’re worth it and you will NEVER regret it !!


Here is the result of me saying ” what if ” and challenging myself and I continue strong daily ! 


> Sara





  1. Too often I hear people say that they’ll “start tomorrow” and continue to have ill thoughts towards themselves because they could have started today. Even if a person starts out small, it’s better than not starting at all. Your story was very moving and inspiring and can be applied to many aspects of one’s life. Thanks for sharing!

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