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  After months of taking my coaching certification course from my accredited school and passing in all my required assignments,  I passed my course in good standing with the ICF ( International Coaching Federation ) standards. My Designation is: Certified Life Wellness Coach !

 This coaching course is NOT a weekend coaching programs offered. It’s an in depth course months long. I was awarded a scholarship from Express Coaching for their Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program.  The Certified LIFE Coach, begins with completing the program or ‘core training’ Upon graduation and official certification as an International coach in good standing you will continue to the next phase of learning – Then, as a student of the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program, you continue your learning experience with 33 additional lessons specific to ‘the human connection with Spirit’ through fundamental ‘metaphysical principles and practices.’ Students have an additional 2-month period to complete this work. This course is fully complemented with everything necessary for successful graduation and accredited through the CCAII would like to take a moment and thank Dr.Randin Brons, my coach, teacher and mentor from Express Coaching and highly recommend this course to those interested in this most rewarding field of work and fulfillment.

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