#HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove movement | Sara Bown | Join today !
#HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove movement | Sara Bown | Join today !

#HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove movement | Sara Bown | Join today !


The #HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove  movement !!

Who am I: Blessed Wife & Mom | Speaker | Certified LIFE coach | I believe what we shine into the world matters – My mission is to shine hope wrapped in an action plan to ROCK life! SaraBown.com

How to take part: Taking part in this movement and shining hope out to others is pretty simple & life changing. To show your support and take part, use the #HASHTAG  #HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove any time you post a picture on any social media pages where you are making an effort to live your best most BLESSED, authentic life. This includes but is not limited to working out, family time, quiet moments, eating healthy, drinking your water, reading..doing ANYTHING that nurtures your soul ( keep it clean lol ) Remember to add the # in front of the words (no spaces ) because when you do, you can click on it and see everyone else posting using the same hashtag and this is where we can support each other. Please note that on facebook if the post you use it in is set to ” friends only ” we can see but we can’t comment or like which is 100% ok…just beware of why no likes or comments, it’s not because we don’t 🙂 To allow everyone to like and comment, it has to be set to public OR post from the facebook ” like ” page 🙂


 Why have I decided to start this movement ? In truth, it’s been in the works now since 2011, when I decided to start a facebook page sharing my own journey. Today I give this movement a #Hashtag to reach as many as I can because it’s extremely important for me to share that living an awesome life isn’t about doing or changing one thing….but yet taking time to find out who we are, to find what matters to us so we aren’t simply existing but yet flourishing. It’s about focusing not on things we wish we had but celebrating all we do have and knowing that who we are as people is deeper than a reflection in the mirror or bathroom scale. EVERY time we do something that brings REAL joy in our own heart, we are in a better place to share real joy out into the world. It’s about knowing we are all enough, have value and matter JUST as we are this very moment and living our best most happy, healthy, blessed life is what allows us to shine that light even brighter. Live healthy not as punishment because you don’t feel good enough …No, live healthy because you’re already amazing as you are and deserve to feel your best.


A little background on my own journey and where this is coming from: After years ( 13 ) of abusing food and being an emotional eater, I had a lot of work and soul searching ahead of me, realizing there was no better time to live my best life, I started making the needed changes to turn things around from the inside out. It took and takes hard work, determination, dedication, no gimmicks but I DID it, I’m doing it – Every day is a new day to work towards life goals and is an exciting opportunity to reach new levels – we should always have new aspirations in all season of life.

The changes I have made, have allowed me to travel my authentic life path, the path I was always meant to take, that I’ll forever continue to take. In serving others, I of course want to be a cheerleader of good health in the physical sense, however as a coach, my focus is helping people build a strong foundation first, so they can reach ANY life goals built on ‪#‎SelfLove‬‪#‎SelfRespect‬ & ‪#‎SelfBelief‬ because in my opinion, from my experience, no diet of proper nutrition and physical activity alone, can fully allow us to live our best life, if we don’t take the time to build a strong foundation that nurtures our inner emotions and struggles. It is truly a marvelous thing to reach new physical goals and feel the associated pride ( I’ve accomplished two half marathons, coming from a place where I could barely walk a block without getting winded so I know this amazing feeling ) however, there is something unparalleled and life changing to look at ourselves and truly love what we see, to truly feel our value and worth. With this foundation resting on God’s amazing grace,  ALL physical goals and beyond are possible. This truth rocks my world, it keeps me pushing to reach others, it sets my soul of fire because I know what it feels like to not have hope and to feel like it’s too late – please KNOW it’s never to late and that we all have it in us, to live our best life !!


There is something very beautiful in knowing that it is never too late to live the life we want, if we are blessed with this moment, we are equality blessed with opportunity – opportunity to recognize that our past does not need to dictate our present. Only fear and self sabotage can really hold us down. When we truly start to believe in the power of now, allowing in rays of hope, ALL is possible. Even as I type as a coach, I have my own physical goals to reach after having our third son 26 months ago. The key for me is, I know my worth and I know I can ! I also know that a scale or measuring tape doesn’t determine or speak of the person I am, we are all wonderfully unique and worthy – the only true thing that can keep us from living our best life, is ourselves !

If reading this,  you feel emotional because you want to start living the life you deserve, I challenge you to change your thinking – Stop asking yourself ” how can I ” and instead ask ” why can’t I ” I also challenge you to ask yourself, if not now, when? If you don’t decide to start making the needed changes now, when will you …tomorrow ?! We all know how the story of tomorrow ends. Instead, focus on one small thing, one small thing you can commit to today that you can build on from day to day or week to week and remember – ” Even The Mighty Oak Was Once A Nut, That Simply Held Its Ground ”
I ask you my friends and new friends that I’ll enjoy making along with journey to come, to join me in using the hashtag #HonorYourBodyWithSelfLove on all social media platforms ANY time you share how you are living your best most happy, healthy, blessed authentic life. My prayer for the outcome is as a global team to be a reflection of the power of hope, determination AND friendship. I am proud beyond measure of what we as a people, can put out into the world – It’s a light and whisper saying YOU CAN – YOU ARE WORTH IT – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – YOU DESERVE TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ~ Sara Bown 


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