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Coaching Openings !

Coaching Openings !

Here is a video where I talk a bit about the coaching I offer, this link will redirect you to my facebook page —> https://fb.watch/9o9a8NY71v/ <-

The coaching relationship: Together, we work as a team and together we dig deep to create real, meaningful, positive change !! I began this line of work many moons ago with accredited schooling that lasted the better part of a year which resulted in me passing all requirements to receive my designation and certification of Certified LIFE wellness Coach on March 20th 2013. I have just about a decade of coaching under my belt where I have gained so much knowledge by working with amazing people from all over the world along with countless hours of research not to mention the work I will continue to do for life on my own self development. In sharing the ” credentials ” above maybe most important of all is that I know with all my heart I was born to do this, I care deeply and I’m in this line of work because I feel called to do so, I have had this knowing heart since I was a young girl that I was meant to help others, I just didn’t know at the age of 11 what that looked like. To have clients trust me with such intimate parts of their life is an absolutely privilege and honor I don’t take for granted. My goal is to help you live your best most blessed life whatever that may look like for you and to help you find a way to make your goals a reality. I have a true passion for not only helping my clients celebrate who they are, as they are in this very moment but also helping them overcome mental blocks that are in place for a number of reasons, like past trauma along with helping clients get over past attempts at reaching goals that haven’t resulted the way they wanted. My coaching is meant to be a true fresh start because I believe with all my heart that it’s NEVER too late to be the version of self we long to be.

I will never promise anyone that coaching will ” work ” all I can honestly give you is my word that I will work and do everything I can on my end to help you, help yourself.

 The coaching I offer is 100 % online which allows me to coach anyone, anywhere in the world providing they have an internet connection.

I’ve been holding coaching sessions in the facebook private message section for the better part of a decade now and it works amazingly well for a few reasons. First, it’s very convenient, I’ve had clients attend sessions from home, from the bleachers at their child’s sporting events, from the beach,  list goes on. Second, my clients feel comfortable because they’re familiar with facebook private message and this familiarity allows the conversation to move in a fluid and natural way. There is no video involved, so people truly do get to show up to session with their guard down, it’s just me, you and the keyboard and thus, you can be coaching in the comfort of whatever you have going on that day and feel like you have the headspace to share from the heart.

I provide support, motivation and accountability in the following ways: 

** (1) 30 – 60 minute coaching session per week online. The duration of the session will depend completely on what you, the client needs each week in the form of support.

** Unlimited access to me via e-mail or facebook pm 7 days a week  ( I usually check my e-mail / pm’s  at least once daily. 

** I help my clients get started on the path to living their best most blessed life. The moment a client joins coaching, they are making a choice to prioritize what matters most to them, they are taking a conscious step towards creating change and from there, SO much is possible. 

** I truly ( listen ) and believe me when I say, there is a lot of healing power in being heard. This process in future will help you better hear and understand yourself. 

** I help my clients discover limiting beliefs they may have, beliefs they are often completely unaware of and how these beliefs play a big role in how they see the world around them. Together, we find ways to overcome these beliefs. 

** I help my clients voice the goals, wants and dreams of their heart and once this is better understood,  I help them choose at least 2 – 3 goals that will help them reach those goals, wants and dreams. Together we set up an action plan and create a road map for success. I do have a coaching flow that I follow, however, this is not one size fits all and no two clients have the same coaching. It is based on you as a person and the individual needs you have.

** I provide a safe place for clients to feel both sadness and joy, there is growth found in both.  I have personally witnessed so much healing that takes place simply by providing a place where clients feel understood, safe, valued and heard. 

** I help with all the above and more as someone on my own life journey for life, I understand the thoughts, feelings and emotions involved, not from a book, I understand because I know what it feels like to be in the trenches and I understand what it feels like to crawl out and have sunshine hit your face for what feels like the first time in forever. 

Other things we cover as a coaching team:

**  For most clients, the first session is set up to help you identify your why, afterall, It’s fine to have life goals but what’s a goal without knowing why it’s so important ?!? This session is called ” making the emotional connection ” the purpose is to  create a strong connection to how your goals will help you live the life you so deeply desire. As a team, we will explore what it means for you to reach those goals and what it would mean to not reach them. My goal as a coach is that clients leave this session feeling inspired and hopeful knowing exactly what’s a stake with a clear vision of how their future actions will impact their life moving forward.

The 6 and 8 weeks of coaching option is meant for those who may be in a financial pinch who want to start coaching now without having to wait. I will say that to date, almost 99% of my clients have either signed up or decided to stay on for 6 months + with some clients remaining for years as they find the accountability that coaching provides very beneficial. These prices reflect a reduction in cost as a thank you for all these years of support and because I know Covid has caused hardship for many. You’ll notice I’ve provided a discount for those who decide to sign up for the longer periods of time.

My pricing is based in Canadian dollars and the invoice will be sent in Canadian funds via PayPal if outside of Canada and via email money transfer within Canada when possible. I have provided the approximate USD amount based on the exchange rate today ( Oct 21st 2021 ) Taxes already included in all pricing.

5 week introduction to coaching Christmas special $124 Canadian which is approximately $98.90 USD

2 months (8 weeks ) of coaching is $208 Canadian, approximately $169 USD

3 months ( 12 weeks ): $299 Canadian, approximately $242 USD

6 months ( 24 weeks ) : $528 Canadian, approximately $427 USD

8 months ( 32 weeks ) $672 Canadian, approximately $544 USD

12 months ( 48 weeks ): $912 Canadian, approximately $738 USD

If interested in learning more or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in touching base.

My email is sdbown@hotmail.com ( please note, my last name when typing email is BOWN and not BROWN )

I realize paying someone you’ve never met in person may feel scary so I have taken the time to answer any and all questions I could think of, as transparency is extremely important to me. Along with reading the links below, please feel free to do a google search of my name, you can also check out my client testimonials which are all 100% written by real clients and I also have reviews you can view on my facebook page. I’ve been posting online almost daily for just about 12 years and my footprint is there to see, I pray this provides ease that I’m not going anywhere. If looking me up please looks up Sara Bown and not ( Brown )

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In light & love,
~ Sara Bown

sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )

ღ Sara Bown - Virtual LIFE coach
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