Strong and proud, stand out in the crowd and share your wellness story | Sara Bown

 Strong and proud, stand out in the crowd and share your wellness story | Sara Bown Certified Life Coach

Do YOU have a story to share ? I would invite you to share your wellness story along with a before / current picture.
When I share these pictures, I want a story to share with the photo because often online you will see tons of photos that show the ( current or end ) result but leave out all the info on the work, effort, joy, dedication ( the list goes on ) that was involved. When people come to my online community pages and see something, I want them to be able to take away tangible information that includes the whole story.
I ask that the before / current picture be recent ( please include all the dates or months / year ) So let’s say you started your journey and lost 100 lbs and now your up a little, please share all the pictures and share the whole story – THIS type of information is what motivates and inspires change ( realness ) If you notice my fb page banner you will see I changed to include progress pictures from after I had my baby 6 months ago and didn’t keep only progress pictures from before I had my baby. These things are very intentional to share the real progress in my life currently as I know this type of sharing is what can really help create positive change for those seeking inspiration or motivation.

Please share this post with others letting them know they are also invited to share their story !! ~ SaraGT4j5EqTp

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