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Testimonial: Natalie Beauchamp – Oakville, Ontario


When I decided to start Life Coaching with Sara I had no specific expectations, just the knowledge that I needed some help to sort out “my life”. Based on what I see with her Facebook Posts, the love, positivity and determination to live her best life, made me think that this woman could help me.
Well after 5 weeks of chatting with Sara about the ups and downs in my life, listening to her thoughts/opinions/ideas about the next steps I should take I feel like a free person. The emotional bonds that had their hold on me have been loosened and I can see more clearly than I have in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong there is hard work that you will need to do, it is worth it!
My sleep has improved, my temperament is better and I am doing the things for myself that we all need to do for our mental and emotional well being.
Honestly, spend time with Sara, she has amazing insight, a deep passion for helping others and a great sense of humour!
Testimonial: Sam Dove – Georgia   I wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found Sara. I had come across her page and been following for a while – I had seen the posts about wellness coaching but dismissed it as something I would never do. I did a couple of the 5ks and really enjoyed the challenge. I had been working with a Personal Trainer for a year and had lost the grand total of zero pounds!!! I decided to stop training and the very same day I saw a post from Sara saying she had spaces for new clients. I quickly emailed to sign up not totally sure what I was signing myself up to but at this point I needed to do something different.
I had reservations about how coaching over the internet would work – how could you build a rapport with someone that you don’t actually talk to!! I was very pleased that at the end of the first session to find that indeed there had been a connection and I had felt the empathy from Sara in her messages. What I also loved about the session is that I can fit it in no matter what I am doing – that first session took place on a Friday evening as I was sitting watching the first football game at my daughter’s school.
I think the main reason working with Sara has helped me so much is that she really does understand how it feels to be overweight and feeling totally lost! Sara will share her experience with you she tells you the truth. I have been working with Sara for almost 2 months now and the difference in my state of mind is amazing. I am building a foundation on which to build upon.
Another reason that working with Sara has helped is that its keeping me accountable – yes I don’t always manage to meet the goals I set myself each week but I can always see progress each week and I’m not giving up I just review the week, think about what I can do different and make new goals. I know that if I continue to work with Sara change will come. I’m not in so much of a rush to lose the weight – I want to make life long achievable changes that will set me up for a happy healthy life.
If you are feeling like nothing will ever change in your life then please have a session with Sara – you won’t regret it.
Testimonial: Jen Reeves , Washington I was blessed to win coaching with Sara last year (just before her little man entered the world…yes…it took me this long to write this!!!) Sara sincerely helped me in so many ways…one of which was to accept (and love) who I am. Yes, being healthy and losing weight is important…but to be content with what I have now, makes the journey so much easier (and successful)! It’s so easy to KNOW what you need to do. I know it’s calories in vs. calories out…I know it’s exercise and getting mobile…I KNOW all these things…but having someone hold you accountable and work on who you are, that is something that someone from the outside can see a little better sometimes. I appreciate Sara for taking time out of her busy schedule to get to know me, help me and watch me grow. Thank you so much for your kindness!!!

Testimonial: Sandy Pelletier Montreuil, Ste-anne the madawaska NB, Canada 

My name is Sandy and this is my story.  Being chubby all my life was to me, part of my heritage since everybody on my mother’s side all looked like me. Life kept throwing me hints that I had to do something in order to feel better and be healthy. Heart problems, leg pain, cancer, lumbar hernia and even with all that happening,  I still didn’t catch on. Oh of course I had tried all the crash diets that existed in this world but I was only playing yo-yo with my weight, nothing stuck, I’d loose 5 pounds one week and gain 10 the next. In December of 2012, I got up one morning with a swollen knee and a bad fever, like most women in this world, I didn’t have time to go sit 5 hours in a emergency room and to be told at the end everything was normal. After a couple of days of not being able to walk properly and being in extreme pain, I decided to go. Verdict came out that I had Advanced Lupus with chronic fibromyalgia. I was in total disbeleif , being a LPN I knew what my future held. I sat on my butt feeling sorry for myself for 3 months and guess what that and the medication did,  yup made me gain more weight. Now in my head, I was doomed to die overweight and in pain until I met Sara Bown.

When I started my health coaching with Sara, the first thing she asked me was how do you see yourself in 10 years…what a terrible image I had of myself in 10 years down the road. I imagined myself being extremly overweight sitting on my couch and needing a walker to walk. I was  so horrified by that image that I decided I needed to do something about it and with Sara’s coaching, I did.  Now I’m not saying it was easy because at first it was hell. Like everybody who wants to loose weight, I was in a hurry,  I wanted to see the results before I even started. I started by dowloading my fitness pal who trough time became my best friend, then I started walking from my front porch to the end of my driveway which takes about 5 minutes both ways, and I made small goals to accomplish for myself not others. One thing Sara told me that kept coming into mind when I felt like giving up because the pain of walking was unberable was IF THIS WERE EASY EVERYBODY WOULD BE DOING IT and that little phrase nagged at me so much it kept me going.

Today I am very proud to say that I have lost 67 pounds, went from a size 14 down to a size 6 and I walk an hour every day without doing any crash diet and without saying no to the foods I love. The fact that I have an incurable illnesses. having to leave work , being told by doctors that I would not live to be old could have stopped me, but I didn’t let it. Yes, I did work hard and I lost alot of things I never imagined I would, like friends along the way but what I’ve gained, is worth alot more to me. I have gained confidence,  better health, less pain and the chance to be by my family’s side longer. Every extra day is the greatest gift  you can give yourself and your loved ones and the only way to go about doing this, is to take care of yourself by making healthy choices and never giving up on yourself.


 Testimonial: Tammy Roche, Qld Australia – I have had the pleasure of working with Sara for over six months now. During that time I have committed to always being honest which she has made easy as she is one of the most compassionate souls I know.Sara has guided and encouraged me every step of the way. Our sessions are priceless. The amount of shifts I have been able to have to help me move forward and gain growth has been hard but more then worth it. Sara has helped me see that I need to be kind to myself and helped me reconnect with what is important, finding my own voice and listening to it.This has helped my wellness journey in ways I could never expected. Yes, there is work involved working with a coach but Sara makes the journey fun, exciting and gives you her belief in you so you can get through to a better place. A truly genuine person that has been through her own journey so you don’t need to waste time trying to explain how you feel, she just seems to know and reassures you that you will not be in that space forever.Gratitude Sara. I am so happy to have you as my own personal coach and I look forward to working with you in partnership towards creating and celebrating my 2014, my way.

  Testimonial : Steffi Webb Beaverton OR –When I thought about getting a life coach, I was not sure if I really needed one. I tend to be one who plans things pretty well and just was not sure it was necessary. After talking myself into it, it really has been a wonderful thing.Sara has made me think about life in an even clearer way than I thought I was looking at it. I have issues with my extended family. Sara was able to help me see that it really was something I did have control over. I have since put in place boundaries that keep this part of my life from being overwhelming. That has been a wonderful blessing. Sometimes you need that third party to look into your life and see what you are unable to see.The biggest difference is making my life more meaningful. That means making deliberate decisions now, not waiting for it to magically happen in the future. My husband and I have always looked ahead to things we want to do within the next year. Sara had me break that down even further. To look at each week and decide on just a few things I want to accomplish within that time frame. This has made such an amazing difference. To plan ahead on a Sunday evening, just a few things, and be able to see that happen over the week, just wonderful. My husband and I have made time for friends, family, relaxing and just taking one day at a time. So amazing. You don’t realize what you are missing until you actually take the time to do it.If anyone were to tell me that they don’t need a life coach, I would just ask them to give it a try. Sara has certainly helped me.
Testimonial: Nancy, Buenos Aires
Sara is a highly effective coach for me, and is really more like what you would imagine to be the most supportive best friend you could have. She celebrates victories with me, holds me accountable when I ask her to, helps me decide on goals, helps keep me focused on those goals, is open to any subject I want to talk about in our sessions, and really helps me improve greatly on the things I want to improve in my life. She is kind and gentle, but she asks the right questions when they need to be asked. She provides a safe place to talk about whatever it is I want to discuss, and is flexible enough to meet whatever I need at the time. One of the best things is that she is almost always immediately accessible whenever I need to bounce something off her, or if I need to get a question or two from her that will start me thinking in another direction when I’m stuck, or just to give me a little kick-start with something I want to get working on. She posts frequently on Facebook, and her Virtual 5K gives anyone and everyone a chance to participate in something bigger than ourselves. Sara loves her job and cares deeply for her clients, and it shows.

Testimonial: Joan Osborn Iowa ” Working with Sara has been very easy. Her open, honest, and caring approach has helped guide me into exploring each situation I face with a new outlook by considering how I react to a choice and how that will benefit me in reaching the goals I have in all areas of my life. The concept goes behind my food choices, it really is a change of processing decisions that gives me back the power. Change is not easy, but Sara stays in touch with me and provides the support I need through good and bad days, whenever I need it. It has been an awesome experience this far!!! “

Testimonial : Ashley Shott Alberta, Canada” I found Sara online after searching for months for the right coach to help get me on track in many areas of my life. I was a bit hesitant to the idea of online wellness coaching at first, but thought I would at least try a few sessions. I can honestly say that I have seen a huge difference in my overall attitude and self confidence. She takes the time to understand what is going on in my present situation and gives suggestions as to what may benefit me. I have already learned useful tips from her in only a few sessions, and she has helped me to get out of my comfort zone more to try new things. After my first session with Sara, I knew that I wanted to make a commitment to sticking to a program with her as my guide. She gives me enough initiative to reach new goals every week, but does not push me to move too fast. I know that coaching with Sara will be a process with many steps, but every little step is what counts – and she makes this clear to me when I need a reminder! If you are at all hesitant about the whole idea of coaching, trust me when I say, it is worth every penny and every ounce of effort to have her on your side! “
Testimonial: ~ Mandy Ferrara ” I have only ever heard of having a wellness/lifestyle coach from movies. I never thought i would need someone like a coach, it wasn’t until a friend of mine told me I needed to talk to someone about what has been going on in my life. My daughter has been having a lot of struggles at 12 years old, and we are very close to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, so things have been very tough and emotionally draining on me. My weight loss has suffered, I had lost 100 pounds and about 20 came back on. It was then, I realized that indeed, I definitely needed someone to talk to so I could sort out my mind and figure things out. After only a few short weeks, I am seeing progress and have made great strides in getting my life back in order. Nothing has changed regarding the struggles my family is going through, but it is how Sara has helped me cope with these struggles and with getting my weight loss back on track again. I highly recommend Sara Bown’s  coaching because it is my experience that she is very compassionate, supportive and knows exactly what needs should be addressed and when. “
Testimonial: Judy Triano, Illinois I am a new client for Sara. We have been working together for just over a month. I came to Sara as somewhat a last resort because I was feeling defeated about my health, my weight and my overall motivation. This was a great choice and I feel like a turning point in my life. Through online conversations, I am able to work through more than my exercise routine and my diet. In fact that is a minor part of our conversations. Mostly we discuss what is going on inside. How do I feel, why do I feel and how can I change those feeling to make them better. This is something you don’t get from personal trainers. Believe me, I have been on this journey for a very long time and I know what to do. It is the movement to do it that is my problem. That is where Sara’s sessions are the most valuable. Because we are online, I feel so free to tell her anything. She is great at asking the right questions and helping me to find the answers I need to truly lead a life that has less stress, pressure and more healthy. Although my time with Sara has been minimal, I can testify that her impact has been great. I am so positive about our future sessions and the impact this has had on my life. For the first time in a very long time, I can feel weight being lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Sara! Much Love “
Testimonial: Suzanne Carr, Nova Scotia  – I’ve been working with Sara since October and this is my follow up testimonial. I’ve learned so much in the last 6 months about myself and have made so many improvements in my life in general. I still have work to do but for the first time in the last 10 years I believe I can do it and I give all the credit to Sara. She’s so amazing. No matter how many times I would mess up or have completely bad weeks she would never judge just try to fix it and move on.
I love online coaching because it allows me to share anything. At first I was a little unsure of online but after the first session I wouldn’t of had it any other way.
It’s like writing a diary. I can write exactly what I’m feeling, I can take my time. There is no stress of saying the right thing or having dead air on the phone or in person. Especially when I first started before I knew Sara. I treated it like just writing for myself and would send it. I even wrote it in a separate spot and copy & pasted in the email after.
The other good thing about online coaching is that you can send you updates early and really think about it. I always start my thoughts about my week the day before then I make I’m not forgetting anything.
I also print our sessions and put it in a separate book so later I can read through it. I wouldn’t do coaching any other way. If you are looking to improve your life in any way I’d call Sara. She has become a friend and and an amazing coach.
Testimonial: Angela Trumbo Kentucky – When I was first introduced to Sara Bown’ page on facebook, I loved her encouragement but thought…I know exactly what to do to lose weight, I just need to DO IT. I certainly didn’t need a coach! I found myself on her page multiple times a day for that encouragement that I needed and found that I looked forward to doing her challenges that she put on there. I talked with my husband and told him that I felt that I NEEDED to see what her coaching was about. He was a little skeptical at first, but I started with Sara Bown in February and I have lost 9 pounds and I find myself not wanting to mess up my challenges that we make together! I STRIVE to achieve every goal that we set and go beyond what I should do. I have been drinking over 100 ounces of water a day, working out most days, eating better and truly taking notice of what is going into my body, working on my business (with my #1 cheerleader Sara)….and most importantly building a friendship with a person that I trust completely! You have to be completely honest with her and she will take you out of your comfort zone at times…but that’s what we NEED!
Her coaching has truly changed my life and I will continue on in this new healthier way of living with her by my side! If you are thinking of possibly making coaching a part of your life, I encourage you to DO IT! This will be one of the best decisions you have made! One of the things that you need to keep in mind though, this is NOT a weight loss gimmick. You are in control and you make your own choices!
Sara has many ways of reaching out to her clients. I chose to do our sessions via email because that works best for me, but I encourage you to explore the other ways that she has available! There is sure to be something there that works best for YOU!
Testiminial: Erin C, Oklahoma- I can’t count the number of times I thought to myself, “I should check into Sara’s coaching… But what does she really know that I don’t already know?” I already know I need to lose weight, just exercise and eat right. However, I had been spinning my wheels for months on end, and it was painfully obvious that whatever it was that I knew, and I was implementing, (or lack thereof) was not contributing to any positive progress. So, very reluctantly, I signed up for coaching. Although I’ve only been with Sara for a short period of time I feel as though we’ve been able to take my wants/goals and formulate and action plan to achieve desirable results. Sara asks questions that seem to lift the foggy haze from my view and make clear my direction. It’s very easy to become distracted in this journey of health and happiness, especially when the scale, or clothes or body isn’t showing any signs of forward progress. However, Sara’s experience~ having dealt with all the issues of being overweight, while trying to manage a family and a budget, make her one of the best resources I have available while on this journey. I have many friends who are trainers, and while I admire them and their progress, it is often unrealistic to implement their ‘cut and sculpt two-a-day routines into my Mother/Wife lifestyle. Sara understands that real life happens, and her coaching is all about progressively moving forward, regardless of whatever real life obstacles are set on your path! ”


Testimonial: Rachelle Powell – Wellness coaching is about more than weight loss. It is about embracing your dream life! Like everyone else, I always seem to go through phases where I feel like things are pretty normal and then WHAM! Chaos. Everything seems to fall apart, emotions run rapid, habits crumble and one day we “wake up” and say, “ooohhhhh my goodness! What have I been doing?” This is where coaching comes into play. My life was a mess and the emotions that were running rapid were anger and frustration with probably a tad of depression. I have been working with Sara from Sara Bown Step by Step Wellness Coaching, for less than a month and already things have improved drastically! Yes, my clothes are fitting better, I am encouraged and want to exercise (which is HUGE because I hate exercise), but more importantly, my children are happier! My home is clean! My husband and I are enjoying each other! I seem to have time for things that I thought were impossible before, like homework and individual cuddle time with the kids, exercise, I get twice as much work done which pleases my boss and co-workers. I feel good about me again and have my nails painted, my eyebrows waxed, and all those little things girls do to take care of themselves. To top it off, I have been told by several friends that they see a difference in me and the way I interact with people and my kids. I am no longer angry and frustrated all the time. I am loving life and it is thanks to Sara and her coaching! She has a 6th sense when it comes to listening to all of the craziness that I tell her and pinpointing the actual problem. After that, goals are set, plans are put into motion and “Hello! Happy Rachelle!” I highly recommend her to everyone!


Testimonial: Danielle Westcott ” Do you think you need a wellness coach? Well I never thought I did, I didn’t even know what they were. I was lost with everything in life, my weight loss, school, not believing in myself, just everything. Like i said i was lost. I had lost about 40 pounds already and wanted to give up. I thought I had no purpose in life. Then i came across Sara Bowns Page , Sara Bown step by step wellness coaching page. I started to talk to her. I was scared to start because starting would mean that there is something wrong with me. I was completely wrong. It meant I am doing something for MYSELF and NO ONE else. After talking to her week after week, I found a new me, someone who believed in myself, someone who could do anything in the world, But most of all, I had a friend, a coach to help me threw the way when i needed a little guidance. I highly recommend Sara Bown as a wellness coach. I couldn’t picture anyone else who is more perfect for the job! “

Testimonial:T.Motley ” There was a time in my life where I was a very successful business woman, a single mother caring for two children, and very confident of who I was and where I was going. But all that changed when I decided to marry the man of my dreams. A short time later we decided to have a child together and I would become a stay at home mom, something I envied of women that were able to do. But, little did I know that being “a stay at home mom” was God’s plan for my life and so for the last 10 years, I have fought with depression, self-esteem issue, self confidence, family issues and weight fluctuations. Everyone saw what was happening to me BUT ME! My family and close friends tried to help me but no one was able to connect and make me see that I was slipping into the dark abyss. Then, one day I received a call from my sister telling me she had nominated me for a program with a “wellness coach” by the name of Sara. I was very reluctant at first because I felt so “controlled” by my circumstances. I didn’t want anyone to see what was going on with me, much less talk with anyone about ME. However, I did commit to doing the program with Sara and WOW ~ an immediate connection between us. She was so real and that made me want to open up to her. It’s been a little over 1 1/2 months and I can’t believe the change in me. I’ve started on my weight loss journey with Sara being my biggest cheerleader and helping me see that it’s not all about “what the scale says” but so much more. I’ve lost 14 pounds, regained self confidence and esteem, and am starting to see the REAL ME return. Thank you, Sara. You have poured into my life much more than you will ever know! “J. M
” I stumbled across Sara’s Facebook page and started following her. I realized quickly she was an honest giving person. I was shocked at how whole heatedly Sara responded to comments or questions. I followed Sara as she studied to be a life coach. I think I had given up on my self totally. I was in a really dark place. Overweight sick and working constantly. No quality of life. I reached out to Sara and she threw me a life line. She showed me how to take positive steps..achievable steps towards living a happier productive life. All I could see was a huge mountain. Sara showed me hope. I am not where I want to be yet…But now know that it can and will happen. I just have to keep moving forward and with Sara’s help I will get there.
Testimonial: Leah Jackman-Wheitner – Sara Bown is a great support and resource. If you are struggling to start again or stay motivated, I highly recommend you talk to Sara about her coaching services. She has mentored and coached many people just like you. It doesn’t matter how down you are, Sara has the inspiration, gentle nudge or firm push to get you back in the right direction. She’s a great listener and confidant. If you need support in your weight loss journey, contact Sara!”

Testimonial: Gary Nicholson Anderson, IN USA – I found myself in mid-life getting heavier each year. I couldn’t seem to stop the upward movement of the scales. I didn’t really know it, but I was a stress eater, and have had a lot of stress in my life the last four years. The problem was that the more weight I gained, the less energy I had to attack the things in my life causing stress. I was truly a vicious cycle, and my life was at stake.

I became friends with Sara on FaceBook, and really liked what she was saying about wellness. I hired Sara as my email coach several months ago, and the results have been dramatic. My weight continues to go down at a healthy and steady pace. Because of the coaching I have gotten, I am now living a much healthier life style. I’m eating better, exercising regularly, and have a much better state of emotional health. I really consider her part of my success team for the future.

Testimonial ( 1st one )Suzanne Carr, Nova Scotia 

I’ve been working with Sara for almost 3 months. I’ve been trying to loose weight and failing for years and years. When I started with Sara October 1, 2012 I felt like I was a mess and I couldn’t do anything right. I felt that I wasn’t deserving of the amazing life I was blessed with. I was so tired all the time, my house was so disorganized. I felt horrible and down on me all the time. If I ever confronted anyone or had an issue it would haunt me. I literally had no self esteem. Each week, Sara and I work on different things and since starting, my house is looking better and I’m on top of things in my life. I have a long way to go but I am starting to realize that I have the tools to loose the weight I need to loose and my self esteem is starting to grow. I even was able to confront someone on a major issue I had and realized it was the right thing and it didn’t bother me at all. I haven’t lost any weight as I had planned when I started with her but what I did gain was control of my life and I now realize this was needed before I could be successful to lose weight.

Now I am starting to realize I’m worth it. I still have a long way to go but Sara is why I’m as far as I am. She makes me look at things a way I would never of thought of. She is so kind, sweet and amazing and I truly feel she knows how I feel most of the time. She doesn’t judge me, doesn’t harp on me when my goals aren’t done. She recognizes things and re evaluates when needed, like at one point when I felt I was taking too much on and we took a step back and I’ve been doing a lot better.
I can’t recommend her enough to anyone.

Testimonial: Randy Engler Alberta, Canada I’m a fairly new client of Sara’s… I’ve been working with her for about a month. We’ve been working on setting goals that will help me become the person that I want to be. Basically I want to weigh less, become fitter and stronger, and start a side business to supplement my income. Each week, we set a number of short term goals for the coming week that will help me move towards my long term goals in these areas. We also talk about strategies for achieving these goals and strategies for dealing with any obstacles or things that might prevent me from achieving my goals for the week.
Throughout the week, she is available to give me encouragement if I am struggling or if I have any questions or need advice about something. During our next weekly session, we review how I did on my goals for the previous week. This is the biggest benefit of having a coach for me… Sara helps me come up with specific things that I need to do this week, and holds me accountable if I don’t get them done. It gives me clarity and helps me focus my efforts on what’s really important.
Since we have basically just gotten started, I haven’t made much progress yet (starting out over the Christmas season set back my weight loss a bit) but Sara has helped me make some decisions that are going to have a huge positive impact on my success. I’m excited about the future.

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In light and love,
Sara Bown
sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )


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