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In light and love,
~ Sara Bown

Have a question or concern ? I realize paying someone you’ve never met in person may feel scary so I have taken the time to answer any and all questions I could think of, as transparency is extremely important to me. Along with reading the links below, please feel free to do a google search of my name, you can also check out my client testimonials which are all 100% written by real clients and I also have reviews you can view on my facebook page. I’ve been posting online almost daily for just about 12 years and my footprint is there to see, I pray this provides ease that I’m not going anywhere. If looking me up please looks up Sara Bown and not ( Brown )

Frequently asked coaching questions –> Frequently asked coaching questions ! – ღ Sara Bown – Certified LIFE coach

Here are the plans I offer along with cost  -> http://sarabown.com/spring-and-summer-2021-coaching-openings

My own personal journey to coaching — > My journey & mission as a LIFE coach – ღ Sara Bown – Certified LIFE coach

Who’s my idea client –> Who’s my ideal client ? – ღ Sara Bown – Certified LIFE coach

Schooling –> Schooling & Certification – ღ Sara Bown – Certified LIFE coach

In light & love,
~ Sara Bown

sdbown@hotmail.com ( Bown not Brown )

ღ Sara Bown - Certified LIFE coach
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