There are no physical activity ” rules ” | Sara Bown LIFE Wellness Coaching
There are no physical activity ” rules ” | Sara Bown LIFE Wellness Coaching

There are no physical activity ” rules ” | Sara Bown LIFE Wellness Coaching

Let’s talk physical activity for a few moments today – As someone on my own journey for life and as someone who works with clients daily as a certified wellness coach I am VERY aware that for many there has been this ” rule ” made by whoever, that says ” for exercise to be considered exercise, it has to be at a gym or at home doing certain things for a certain length of time ” I am posting this to tell you, that in my opinion, this is NOT true !!
Just like our life is what we make it, our daily activity is also what we make it. This world is made up of many, many people on many different schedules and different journeys…some schedules will make 30 – 60 minutes commitment  working out very hard, sometimes it will require making the choice of that being time with your family, spouse, children OR physical activity and that is a choice each person needs to make for themselves.  What I feel is the real secret is living an active lifestyle, always aware that because you may not have 60 minutes to go and workout that you are making time during the day, work for you to always maximize the time you DO have.
Their are no physical activity ” rules ” sure, having 30 – 60 minutes to dedicate all at once, alone is great and ideal, it certainly assures us that we get it done but this also holds MANY people back from even trying to get any activity in…there is a mind set, I don’t have time and that is that and because of this, people don’t achieve what they could if they just stepped outside the box of ” rules ” and committed to all the options they do have.

Living an active lifestyle can be starting your day 30 minutes early and walking ( instead of driving ) your child to school BAM activity and time with your child – It can be parking far from work door, taking the stairs, having light weights at work at your desk, maybe even an exercise ball and getting in what you can. It will require being creative, maybe getting away from the desk or cafeteria at lunch when temptations come and finding the stairs and going up and down a few times, it can be raking leaves, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow ( When I started my journey in 2010, I said I would be the main snow shoveler that winter and boy the calories that burned was crazy ) it can be saying to the kids or friends, let’s go for a bike ride, a walk, a run, a hike, a swim…… WORK in the activity with the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family. All too often, I see mom’s and dad’s start a new lifestyle program and they start strong but soon, they start to skip workout sessions and say the feeling of being torn wasn’t worth it – that the workout time was also the main family time and the pull and guilt from that just wasn’t worth it #1 I want to say YOUR HEALTH IS ALWAYS WORTH IT but, I am also a mom and wife and I am all about being truthful and realistic and for many of us, our goals need to be set up in a way where we feel balanced in life…So for example, if we want to change our life and feel balanced, coming up with a schedule that allows time for one thing that’s important but takes away from something else that is important wont work long term.

I want to share with you that when I started my journey and my page, I posted so much of what I was doing, yes, I made time for the treadmill and weights when I could and eventually turned to running BUT many days what I did and shared was shoveling snow, walks, hikes, runs, bike rides with my family. Sometimes it was raking leaves, mowing the lawn, cleaning the yard ( 2 acres ) doing housework ( BY THE WAY even pregnant – this is still what my life looks like fitting in what I can when I can, aware I am doing this and being intentional with my movement ) I would sometimes have people comment or leave pm’s  saying ” you count lawn mowing or whatever as exercise…..?!  They would follow with advice for me that I did value and appreciate but they would also add  ” I did ………. today and lost…………… because I do it every day ” it seemed they wanted me to know how they were busting butt, taking names and how they were getting more results than me, they wanted me to try their way and most likely with the best of intentions but I took solace in knowing, I had been there, down that path and stopped what I started just as soon as I started, I reminded myself that I was on a new journey all about inner peace first, life balance and I kept my head up, kept doing what I was doing ” following my own rules ” and eventually I was down 84 lbs –  I am pregnant now and still follow the same lifestyle now, years later I still feel healthy and strong, I do not feel like I have fallen off any wagon and still feel commitment for life to this healthy lifestyle. The sad truth is, some of the people who shared advice years ago, are no longer on healthy journeys because they themselves were too focused on what healthy living should look like instead of creating their own guideline.  I am sharing this because I want every person reading to realize that once you fall into the trap of what you ” should ” do, you start living a life for other people. For those who can get in gym time and make that happen where that works for them that is amazing, my point is, find YOUR OWN rhythm, this is YOUR life, YOUR journey and what works for one person, will not work for others, you need to find and do and be PROUD of what works for you and once you find it, rock it out, give it your all, and commit because you are worth it and you CAN do this – there IS a way to make a healthy, balanced, happy life – YOUR life !

~ Sara <3



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