We never know how long we have so make the time TODAY !

We never know how long we have

There is a Sep 26th 2017 update at the bottom 

I have put off posting this blog because it’s so close to my heart, the thing to truly note here is that I wrote the original blog Feb 18th 2012 and my grandmother passed away Sep 2012, just 7 months later. I am so lucky because after writing the original blog, I did have many special moments with my grandmother, including a couple full days where we were able to just talk about anything and everything, but truly, there could never be enough time.  I wanted to share this because we ALL think we have tomorrow, not realizing that tomorrow is not promised – the only moments we truly have are the ones we are living ” now ” !



Feb 18th 2012,

My beautiful grandmother – I had a wonderful visit with her today, I haven’t seen her in weeks, we have constantly  had sickness in the house, nan is on oxygen and has many other things going on so we can’t get her sick as she has a compromised immune system. She lives in her own little granny suit that is connected to where my parents live so she is blessed to have my mother there with her and she looks after her wonderfully. Before this, I didn’t see her as often as I wanted because I think we always think we have forever with the people we love until we don’t one day. Currently we don’t have a vehicle so that adds a complication in getting around but I have spent a lot of time trying to create the life I want over the last few months and this meant change in many areas. To continue my physical and emotional health, to change jobs and do something that made me happy and gave me pride for work ( my coaching work )  and in this plan is spending more time with the ones I love ( all my family that I love ) and trying to see my nanny weekly, as it’s a blessing that I am able to do so. Just a little reminder that time stands still for no one and to reach out and tell the people we love how we feel, while we can

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting. ~Author

My grandmother is a beautiful, strong woman, she has worked hard for everything she has ever had in life and has maintained a sense of humor in all the things she has been faced with. Just don’t creep up on her with a spider or ALL rules are out.. LOVE YA NAN XO





 Sep 26th 2017 


My dad passed away 6 weeks ago – I’m in the stage now where it doesn’t seem possible, can’t be true AND on the other hand, it feels like forever since I’ve heard his voice. Dad’s can’t die can they ? Parents can’t leave us ? It can’t be true ! I knew dad was ill, he had just been released from hospital but the key words here are ” had just been released ” like just a couple days before which meant to me that yes, he wasn’t well, but just like every other time his heart failure kicked in bad, he was getting better and soon, he would be his old self. The night my dad passed away, I went over to visit my parents, about an hour before dad died I posted a picture on snapchat of their dog Marley sitting on me making a joke of it … I had NO idea what would unfold in the coming moments. We were talking, mom, me and dad all an arm lengths away from each other and mom said something to dad, I saw a funny look on mom’s face, turned to dad who was sitting right beside me and he was leaving us….just like that…NO warning !! If reading this  pulls at your heart, I want it to but not to feel bad for me, I want you to take something from this. I would like my dad to give you a gift, the gift that most people don’t know, until it’s too late. We think we have ALL the time in the world, we think ” Oh, I’ll call, email, visit… next week but sometimes, there is no next week and this isn’t to guilt anyone, it’s to help people who truly do want that time but just don’t make the time.


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