Tomorrow is not promised
Tomorrow is not promised

Tomorrow is not promised


Sara Bown LIFE coach

December 31, 2011 ( New Years Eve )

Praise be to God, mom and I are ok – we hit black ice on the highway  tonight, did some spins in the middle of the road into the other lane and landed in the ditch – that’s the tow truck pulling out the car !!

We were on our way home to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and within moments, everything could have changed. As we spun into the other lane, where log trucks are constantly coming and going, I had a flash on my children and husband and how much I still wanted to do with them, for others & within seconds we were in the ditch and safe.

I wanted to share this as a reminder to leave NOTHINg unsaid because NOW, is the only promised moment !!
Are you angry about something silly, let it go – Are you playing a game with a loved one ( who will be the first to say sorry ) just call – Have you done something wrong that you want to fix that hurts your heart but feel fear of what you know you need to do…follow your heart !  Are you waiting on the sidelines of life for a day when you’ll feel good enough to live out loud ? LIVE out loud are good enough just as you are !!

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