We already have ALL the tools we need to succeed !!

  We already have ALL the tools we need to succeed  – Sara Bown LIFE Wellness Transformation Coaching


 Do you ever find yourself praying to God to help with life goals ? I ask because in 2010, I found myself in the shower 280 lbs plus – crying my eyes out asking for God to help me, I remember asking ” God, please let me wake up down 20 lbs so I can feel hope and continue on my own ” This wasn’t the first time I had asked over the years but it was the first time I challenged my thinking and realized that God had already given me ALL the tools I needed to reach my goals – I remember this moment like a calm that came over me, really ” seeing ” for the first time and feeling excited, joyful. Here I was, going to try one more time after so many attempts, if looking at past results, I had every reason to fail but I made a choice to not even look back, nothing mattered except my desire, commitment, dedication and faith in the moment and each day I woke, I made a choice to see all that COULD be and that WOULD be if I just kept going.

What did I realize MOST ? I wanted to go down in pounds and was thinking it would solve how I felt inside but in doing the emotional work first, I realized that every time I failed, it was because I ignored the inner emotions and did the calories in / calories out and could follow it for awhile but it only lasted so long before the inner talk would talk me out of reaching my goals. I sit here now 30 wks pregnant and I am guessing when all is said and done and baby Andrew arrives, I will have 50 lbs I will want to drop, I still had a 20 – 30 lbs goal when I became pregnant and the GREAT thing is, I don’t feel down, sad, defeated I feel EXCITED and lucky which is so amazing and it is a direct result of how far I have come emotionally over the last almost 4 years. I have value no matter where I am on a scale or how I look in the mirror, I matter because of who I am NOT because of what I look like and I DESERVE to be healthy, it’s my right and my responsibility as someone who wants to help others for the rest of my life.

To read a little more of my story, you can follow this link to Experience Life Magazine where I was featured in the May issue !!


REMEMBER – We ALL have what we need within us to make goals and dreams begin to happen this very moment, what do you choose !?!

~ Sara <3


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