What in the world is a LIFE Wellness Coach and how can Sara help me ?!
What in the world is a LIFE Wellness Coach and how can Sara help me ?!

What in the world is a LIFE Wellness Coach and how can Sara help me ?!

Sara Bown | LIFE wellness Coach |  What in the world is a LIFE Wellness Coach and how can one help me ?!?

A little on my coaching – As most of you know, I began “wellness coaching “ the moment I started my Sara Bown Use it 2 lose it page in 2011. At that time, I was doing this simply by motivating and sharing with others …once I stepped into my own truth & confidence I realized I was always meant to coach others and felt this was God’s plan for me. I decided to leave my current position and to further my education. I took a year to complete a course that resulted in my receiving certification with my designation as a LIFE wellness coach and started to build my full time coaching business from the ground up at home.

I have already been searching for a new course to take in 2014 /15 to further my knowledge.  As a woman on this journey myself for life with such a passion to help, I am a certified LIFE Wellness coach who studied to gain the credentials to back up my passion. I am a person on my own journey (adventure) for LIFE who lost 80 pounds gimmick free. I am someone who understands how others who want to change their lives feel, and the many obstacles that are there, not because I learned this in school, but because I know these emotions all too well from life experience. I am just like so many of YOU with tools in my belt to help others.

I began my journey late 2010, I knew I was in a place where I needed to change my life. I succeeded and now live a life filled with passion, joy, purpose, determination and dedication. My coaching is not meant to ‘fix’ people, my job is to help others to help themselves. This is work I am proud of, yes, it helps me to support my family and it is also work I commit 110% of my time to. When I work with a client, they have my commitment that I will do whatever I can to help them reach and live their dream to the fullest. Helping others to do this, also helps me live my dream as this matters deeply to me !! LIFE Wellness Coaching is NOT meant to tell people what to eat and how to work out…the coaching I provide is meant to help people with the real issues they have going on in their lives that may be holding them back from living their best life. For some this is learning self- love, organization in the home, how to spend quality family time, learning to forgive, learning to let go and for others it is to help them reach new health goals like dropping weight- the list goes on.

The idea is, you come as you are, open, ready and willing for change and TOGETHER as a TEAM we come up with an action plan. We connect online once a week for a session and as your coach, I am available 24/7 to help any way I can over the week with no limitations.(within reason) If I happen to be out when you send along a note, I will respond as soon as I can. This goes much beyond work which I am sure my testimonials will show you – reaching your goals in life, matter deeply to me.

If you are ready to make the needed changes for you to start living YOUR best life, please reach out to get more information on how I can help you.

~ Sara Bown

Contact today: info@coachsarab.com




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