“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” — Henry David Thoreau


All these years since starting to change my life, all this time and I want to share something today … you know I’m always sharing how we all have value and make this world a better place. I’m no different from others, I know what struggle is, I often pray that in reaching my goals, I show it’s possible for YOU to reach your goals and yet, here I am, I have challenges like everyone ! I’m a coach but at my core, I’m a women who wakes up each day and gives my best, I fight hard and work hard to be the plus size I am ( started at 4x now XL ) It’s important you know that I have moments where I feel like I would help YOU more, if I was just a little….more ?? Maybe that would help me reach the people I so desperately want to help but here’s the *key* I have –> moments <– I feel it, I reflect on it, I Iet it teach me and I release it because I AM flawed but made in his image, I have challenges but I also have too much dedication & determination to ever give up ! I am BLESSED, I was given the gift of today… I am BLESSED !! Are you reading this ?? You’re blessed !

I’m a certified coach dedicated to helping people rock their best life, I have no interest in helping people be ” perfect ” we already are perfect in our imperfections, and being like a 1000 other people, fitting in a flawless box, doesn’t do anything for anyone.. we aren’t supposed to be like anyone else, otherwise, what would the point be ? Don’t wait to be ” better ” to ROCK the amazing life that is meant for you, YOU ARE ENOUGH NOW !
I want YOU to know that you’re not alone, you matter, you have value – Every person has a voice, we don’t earn a voice someday when we reach all our life goals, I mean, shouldn’t we spend our life reaching our life goals ?!? No, we have a voice now, we matter now, we make a difference now, WE HAVE NOW !! What will you do with your now ?  ~ Sara Bown

What do you think ?

ღ Sara Bown - Published Speaker & Certified LIFE coach
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