Who’s my ideal client ?

A question I’m often asked is framed like this ” Sara, I have been following you on social media for awhile and I’d like to work with you, can you help me “ so here’s the deal, if you’re ready to make long lasting, positive life changes and willing to put in the needed work, I’m excited !! In saying this, who’s my ideal client, the clients I find benefit the most and who I personally relate to the most ? I’d have to say I feel called to serve women who often feel low in self love, respect and belief in some capacity. Some clients will have some sort of past trauma that holds them back, often times not even realizing it and for the most part, these women have made past attempts to reach life goals but because enough time wasn’t spent on doing the inside emotional work, they have found themselves back to square one feeling disappointed in themselves and possibly even lost and hopeless. My clients often lay awake at night with a heavy feeling of regret over what they feel was another day ” wasted ” and often live in a place of shame & fear. For the most part, my clients experience a sense of peace relatively quickly into the coaching process by making realistic, manageable goals, taking time to value who they just as they are while prioritizing positive emotional work and by ” doing ” what they spend so much time thinking about. My clients are amazing, strong, beautiful from the inside out, successful, kind, loving & funny women who all too often don’t know their own value or celebrate the amazing that they are. Most times what my clients seek the most even if that’s not what they first voice to me when reaching out, is inner peace and in finding this inner peace, they realize so much is possible. My clients benefit tremendously by working on selflove, respect and belief because although they love others deeply for who they are, they hold themselves to a different standard. My clients thrive in having someone to create goals with, who helps hold them accountable weekly and they deeply value having a space where they can speak and share freely where the action of sharing in a non judgement zone where they feel valued and understood often provides freedom in letting certain negative thoughts and feelings go.

If in reading this, parts of what I shared speaks to you but you also feel hesitant to share that this resonates with you, I understand, it can be hard facing these inside emotions head on, but rest assured, you’re in great company because SO many women feel just as you do and in fact, it’s my personal connection to these feelings and overcoming so much to date that makes me the perfect person to help you do the same ! All a person needs to start the wheels of change is a willing heart to reach out and say ” I need help ” from that place, I believe with all my heart that the possibilities are endless and that it’s NEVER too late to live our best most BLESSED life. The goals women bring to session vary but the above foundational work in achieving the goals remains universally the same.

I also want to add that of course, there are men who relate to a lot of what I stated above and I have worked with men as well who have had wonderful outcomes.

Have a question or concern ? I realize paying someone you’ve never met in person may feel scary so I have taken the time to answer any and all questions I could think of, as transparency is extremely important to me. Along with reading the links below, please feel free to do a google search of my name, you can also check out my client testimonials which are all 100% written by real clients and I also have reviews you can view on my facebook page. I’ve been posting online almost daily for just about 12 years and my footprint is there to see, I pray this provides ease that I’m not going anywhere. If looking me up please looks up Sara Bown and not ( Brown )

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