You’re enough !






You’re enough !
What’s failure really ?? Think about it for a moment, what does failure mean to you ? If your child or a best friend came to you for life advice and they shared their roadblocks / challenges would you tell them to give up because they’re failures ? Would you say that challenges mean they’ll never get where they’re going or that they will never achieve anything in life ? I would be willing to say most, if not all of us would pick up our children or friend with love & remind them why they’re amazing, remind them of all they HAVE accomplished – we would share how we all, when working towards something have road bumps and how it’s part of the journey. NO person who has reached a goal has ever done so without an inner battle of having to keep the faith even when giving up seemed like the easiest thing to do !
A number on the scale, a score on a test, a person not returning affection, not getting that job promotion, an ( X ) on your goal / intention chart…. none of that defines us unless we let it define us ! LOVE yourself, show kindness to yourself like you would a best friend or child and give your best, choice by choice !! ❤️ For me, this means remembering, I am who God created me to be and that’s enough, WE are enough !!
Much love~ Sara


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ღ Sara Bown - Published Speaker & Certified LIFE coach
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